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Having the right equipment and vehicles are essential for your business to perform at optimum levels

Having the right equipment and vehicles are essential for your business to perform at optimum levels. Equally important is to finance them in the right way. There are numerous schemes and products available to meet your requirements.

Businesses need to acquire capital assets for a variety of reasons. It may be for expansion plans – to purchase new plant and equipment, or ongoing upgrading of a fleet of vehicles. In some cases it may be simply a way of raising much-needed cash by borrowing against unencumbered capital items.

As a rule of thumb finance is tailored to the life of the asset. There is more detailed information on this web site, but there are many options whether you want own the assets and show them on your balance sheet (by using such as hire purchase) or whether your prefer them to be “off balance sheet” (for example where assets are on contract hire). And there are some hybrid products which involve ongoing regular payments during the course of the lease with the option to purchase at the end of the transaction.

  • Flexible ways to finance capital assets and improve profitability
  • Terms negotiable to assist cash flow
  • Most fixed assets can be financed
  • Variable and tax-efficient* terms available
  • Expert advice on hand to point you in the right direction
*We always recommend discussing the tax implications of acquiring capital assets with your accountant or tax adviser before committing yourself. It may help you to maximise your tax allowances


Hire Purchase – perhaps the service associated by most people with asset finance, hire purchase enables your business to own the asset whilst spreading the cost to help cash flow. A very flexible product which is tax efficient*, can be arranged at variable or fixed interest rates spread over a variety of periods often with the option of reducing monthly contributions by paying a balloon payment at the end of the agreement. If you operate in a seasonal industry, seasonally-adjusted payments can be negotiated to help cash flow. Although the item financed appears in your balance sheet, legal ownership does not transfer to you until the final payment is made.

  • Own the asset
  • Flexible terms including seasonally adjusted payments
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Most fixed assets can be financed
  • Tax-efficient*


Operating Lease – ideal way of having the use of an asset usually without the hassle involved in owning it. This is an “off balance sheet” product – useful where it is important to keep your debt to equity ratios low, especially if the inclusion of a large expenditure would breach covenants your bank.

So you can forget about the risk of it depreciating or the responsibility of disposing of it at the end of the contract. Operating leases are flexible – you can choose fixed or variable interest rates and repayments can be varied if for example you are in a seasonal industry. Also, at the end of the term you can choose to extend the agreement.

  • An off-balance sheet product
  • No worries about disposal or depreciating values
  • Available for most types of fixed assets
  • Variable terms available


Lease / Contract Purchase – these products have the cash flow benefits associated with leasing but with the possibility of buying the item at the end of the agreement. With some contracts there is a commitment at the outset to purchase the asset at the end of the contract making a balloon payment. In such a situation you could benefit if the residual value is higher than anticipated but you could be faced with meeting a shortfall if the residual value is lower.

With other agreements there is an option rather than a commitment to purchase.

Both are flexible in that you can decide the term and whether you want a fixed or variable interest rate.

  • Option of owning the asset
  • Flexible terms including fixed or variable interest rates
  • Seasonally adjusted payments available
  • Potential benefit / risk if committed to purchase


Finance Lease – is a way of financing vehicles and other assets with little, or in some cases, no deposit. The asset is owned by the lender who also claims capital allowances the benefit of which is passed on to you by reducing the payment structure. Like many products fixed or variable interest rates are available as well as different rental periods. It is normally possible to extend the term at the end of the agreement. When the contract does come to an end, the lender sells the asset and you receive a proportion of the sale proceeds.

  • Up to 100% finance depending on circumstances
  • Off-balance sheet product
  • No hassle of disposing of asset
  • Proportion of the sale proceeds returned to you


Contract Hire & Fleet Finance – Whether it’s a company car or a fleet of vehicles this is a great way of financing. Much of hassle of vehicle ownership and management is taken away leaving you to focus on your core business. Right from sourcing the vehicles and delivering them to you through to disposing of them at the end of the contract is handled by us.

Terms are agreed at the outset. The vehicles remain “off-balance sheet” and you have the option of full maintenance and servicing. The term of the contract and mileage can be tailored to suit your needs. As you do not own the asset you do not have to worry about depreciation.

For larger fleets a revolving line of credit can be arranged to

  • Hassle-free vehicle ownership
  • Off-balance sheet product
  • Flexible terms – mileage and agreement terms
  • With or without maintenance / servicing


Block Discounting – An ideal form of finance for businesses which offer their customers credit over a fixed term (such as rental businesses, finance companies or those offering point-of-sale instalment finance). It is a way of raising funds against future income streams and helps cash flow by releasing cash tied up in credit agreements.

Finance agreements are batched and sold in ‘blocks’ to a funder. An advance is made by the funder for a discount of the block. The term matches the term of the agreements. As old blocks are repaid new blocks can be discounted.

  • A way of raising funds against future income streams
  • Ideal for businesses which offer instalment credit to their customers
  • Help cash flow by releasing cash tied up in credit agreements
  • Funds expanding business


Stocking Finance – The perfect product to fund vehicle stock.

Keeping your showroom stocked with a display of quality vehicles helps achieves better sales levels but gobbles up cash. Packages are available for both new and used vehicles and in some cases you can fund up to 100% of the vehicle cost.

This type of finance is not limited to cars and can include motorcycles, caravans and motorhomes. It can also be arranged for most types of commercial vehicles including HGVs, coaches and agricultural vehicles and equipment.

  • Enhances your forecourt or showroom display
  • Achieves better sales levels
  • Simple, flexible facility
  • Helps you manage cash flow


Re-Financing – Short of cash flow? Most businesses go through periods when cash flow is stretched. It may be the result of a seasonal lull in sales or suffering a bad debt. It could also be that your business has expansion plans and needs additional cash flow.

If you have suitable unencumbered assets these can be re-financed to inject funds into the business. This could be combined with factoring and traditional bank borrowing to fund expansion.

How does it work? – Sale & Leaseback is one way to raise funds against the value of assets you already own.  You sell them to a leasing company and then lease them back. At the end of the terms of the lease ownership of the equipment or property is transferred (or reverts) to you. Clearly this is an excellent way of freeing up the value of assets to pump cash into your business.

  • Frees up cash tied up in assets
  • Retain the use and ultimately ownership of the asset
  • Can address cash flow shortages or fund expansion
  • Flexible terms available

At WF Finanical Solutions we work closely with a wide range of finance providers so we are well placed to offer you the dest finance deal.
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