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The first step is to speak to one of our Finance Consultants who will review your company’s position and consider what funding options are available to your business.

They will talk you through the funders that we work with that best meet your company’s needs. We are an independent finance broker and the initial consultation is at no cost to you!


Passed to funder

We will then pass all information obtained on your enquiry call to the funder we think is right for you. This will have been pre-agreed between you and ourselves prior to any details being passed on.

The funder(s) will then contact you directly to provide you with a competitive quote. If you decide to progress, simply notify your chosen funder.


Funding amount released to you.

Once we have been notified by the funder that the funds have been released to the limited company, we will notify the director of the limited company to raise an invoice to the WF Financial Solutions Limited for the cashback.

The funds will then be paid by the end of the calendar month that the invoice is received.

Terms and Conditions


*Cash back of £500 on paid out factoring deals.

This deal is only available on invoice finance deals. Cash back of £500 is available when the Wilson Field Group receives confirmation from the chosen funder that funds have been advanced to the limited company.

Wilson Field Group Limited will advise the limited company of this to raise an invoice for their commission.