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We work with authorised partners of the British Business Bank for the Coronavirus Interruption Loan Scheme
We work with authorised partners of the British Business Bank for the Coronavirus Interruption Loan Scheme

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    invoice finance for haulage and transport

    Why choose us for haulage?



    Experienced team

    We have the experience and knowledge to find you the best deal with the most appropriate funder for your business.


    Growth options

    There is no need to regularly renegotiate your factoring facility as it grows with your business.


    Unlocks cash

    The cash tied up in your debtor ledger will be unlocked to help you finance growth or day-to-day costs.



    The facility provides you with the freedom to grow your business and decide whether to manage your own ledger or not.

    Transport and haulage businesses

    Are you running a growing haulage business with a significant amount of money tied up in your debtor ledger through unpaid invoices? Is the problem becoming greater and holding you back the faster your business grows?

    This is where we can help. With years of experience working with businesses like yours and our panel of funders, we make it easy for you to obtain the money you need for your business as quickly as possible.

    What is invoice finance for haulage and transport businesses?

    Invoice finance for haulage and transport business can be very beneficial when it comes to keeping a steady cash flow and meeting the high-cost demands of this type of business. When you are regularly waiting for clients and suppliers to pay their invoices it can put huge pressure on your business, potentially making it difficult to meet high day-to-day fuel costs and the quick turnaround times required in this industry.

    Whereas invoice discounting can provide you with the cash you need quickly and confidentially whilst also giving you the opportunity to maintain control of your own debtor ledger. If customer service and client relationships are of particular importance to you, then invoice discounting could be the ideal solution for your cash flow.

    We know the importance of a steady cash flow available at all times to keep haulage businesses and their vehicles moving; we work with you to make finding your factoring facility as easy as possible. A secure credit facility provides you with an effective solution, speeding up the order-to-payment chain and ensuring drivers can be paid, goods can be moved and vehicles can be refuelled.

    How can invoice finance for haulage and transport business benefit me?

    • Any cash tied up in your ledger can be released within 24 hours. This will improve your cash flow so you can meet fuel costs, keeping your vehicles moving to transport all goods to their final destination quickly and efficiently.
    • You will have the option to outsource management of your ledger to your factoring company so you can focus on the operations of your business. However, if you would like to maintain control of your ledger, then invoice discounting allows for this without affecting your chances of securing finance against your invoices.
    • The security for your factoring company will come from the value of your ledger reducing the likelihood of a charge being put over your home. This differs from traditional bank borrowing, where you are often required to provide a personal guarantee for up to 100% of the borrowing, supported by a charge over your home.
    • Invoice financing facilities grow with your business, so there is usually no need to regularly renegotiate unlike with a bank overdraft.
    • Most factoring companies offer the option of bad debt protection by way of credit insurance, which can be added to your facility at an extra cost to provide you with peace of mind.
    • If confidentiality is key, then invoice discounting is a discreet way to obtain finance against invoices without your clients being made aware, through a change in customer service or their business contact.
    • Regardless of how far afield you operate, how many trips you make a week and how many vehicles you have, there will be a factoring company out there willing to provide you with the credit you require.

    Why choose us?

    Our years of experience have taught us that not all businesses are straightforward, but regardless we understand that a stable credit facility and cash when you need it is important to all businesses.

    We will work with you to understand your business and its needs to put you in contact with a factoring company that will not only be the right fit for you, but can offer you the best deal on the market.

    To discuss your credit needs confidentially, contact us now to chat to one of our experienced and knowledgeable advisers.

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