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It’s a fact of life that with technology moving so quickly, it is essential to invest in the future.

It’s a fact of life that with technology moving so quickly, it is essential to have an ongoing programme of updating and replacing plant and equipment to keep abreast of progress. Failure to invest in technology can result in higher labour costs, less accurate and reliable machinery which together can affect your margins and make your business less competitive.

Asset finance can enable you to achieve this. There are flexible products to suit every need and enable you to buy the very latest equipment. And if you have bought and paid for capital items you can free-up cash by arranging to re-finance.

Whether you are looking at a single CNC lathe, a full bottling production line, an overhead crane or loading vehicles there is an asset finance product available the purchase and at the same time spread the cost to manage your cash flow.

At WF Financial Solutions we have a variety of products to suit your needs including:

  • Finance for new or used equipment
  • Re-financing of existing machinery, vehicles etc., to free cash
  • Range of lenders – not limited to one company
  • More flexible than High Street banks
  • On and off-balance sheet schemes available
  • Up to 100% finance depending on circumstances

Our experienced staff can point you in the right direction for the best deal to suit your needs and circumstances

At WF Finanical Solutions we work closely with a wide range of finance providers so we are well placed to offer you the dest finance deal.
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