At WF Financial Solutions we have a variety of products to suit your needs including:

  • Finance for new or used equipment
  • Re-financing of existing machinery, vehicles etc., to free cash
  • Range of lenders – not limited to one company
  • More flexible than High Street banks
  • On and off-balance sheet schemes available
  • Up to 100% finance depending on circumstances

Our experienced staff can point you in the right direction for the best deal to suit your needs and circumstances

These days the leisure and hospitality sector is big business, but there is plenty of competition so you need to keep ahead of the game. It is an industry where standards and image are important the right equipment and facilities can give you the edge over competitors.

It is a fickle industry which is affected by trends and fluctuations. In December, office Christmas parties send the tills ringing and stretch resources to the limit but come January many restaurants are empty. And the weather plays a part for hotels particularly in seaside areas where there is a traditional season. This all makes the issue of managing cash flow essential. Asset finance in its various guises is the ideal way of making your premises the talk of the High Street.

Whether you are looking at audio visual equipment to wow your customers or gym equipment to push them to the limit we can find a good deal for you. Other assets essential for the smooth running of your business can also be accommodated including electronic tills and Epos, CCTV, laundry and catering equipment. We can offer a range of flexible financing packages to suit your needs

At WF Finanical Solutions we work closely with a wide range of finance providers so we are well placed to offer you the dest finance deal.
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