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Do you manage a B2B business? If so you probably offer credit terms to your customers. You’ll be aware how difficult it can be to maintain a strong liquidity position, when clients don’t pay you for months. Chasing up invoices and ensuring you have funds to pay wages, bills and suppliers can be time consuming and exhausting. And if your business is expanding that stretches your cash flow even further –especially if your bank is unwilling to help.

What if we told you there was another way?

Here at wffinancialsolutions.co.uk, we put you in touch with bespoke invoice financers. Specialists for your needs who will plug the financial gap between you issuing an invoice and your customer paying it.

We can negotiate special terms with these lenders, who will essentially give you up to 90% of the value of your invoice. Providing you with cash within 24 hours to enable the day to day running of your business.

We can arrange both Invoice Discounting and Invoice Factoring services, so whether you’re wanting to manage your sales ledger and chase up debts yourself, or hand responsibility over to the lender, we can help.

To discuss your options, arrange a free consultation, or get some more information, get in touch today on 0800 901 2476 or email us on info@wffinancialsolutions.co.uk.

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